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Jessica's Top 3 Stress-Fighting Foods

Ever feel so stressed like you’ve got a one way ticket to crazy town…running around like a chicken with your head cut off? Welcome to my world just a few years ago. My friends and family used to start every sentence with “I know you’re so busy…” before they’d say anything to me. Nowadays, honestly,…

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How Shopping Is Adding Inches to Your Waist

“I saved over $ 10,000 working with you last year” was in a love note I received last week from Amy, who finished my signature program Laugh Yourself SkinnyTM last year. She told me that she had been prepping her tax stuff and she couldn’t believe how shifting her relationship to food saved her some…

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Is Your Green Smoothie Making You Fat?

3 years ago I went to a health coach who told me to start every day with a green smoothie. Desperate to slim down, I invested over $400 smackaroos in a blender on steroids and started every morning waking my neighbors by pulverizing kale into slurp-able green goo. At first my waist started to shrink…but…

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