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Why skipping your workout is a genius idea!

A few of my gal pals and I have this daily ritual that you’re gonna think is kinda weird. Every morning we hop on the phone, the 4 of us and do a quick check in…we acknowledge the good in our lives, give gratitude for it and then set our intentions for the day and…

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J-CiniTV Riddle Time!

Ever lose a bunch a weight only to gain it back a few months or years later? It’s like whatever you were doing stopped working and the pounds slowly start to come back. Your belly starts to feel a little bit flabbier until that dreadful day when you can’t zip your pants. And there you…

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The First Step to Stop Emotional Eating

I’m super excited to dish out today’s topic. But I’m going to warn you, it’s pretty hairy. In fact, no one really talks about it because for many women it’s best kept a secret. Locked in the closet. Pretending like everything is fine. I did this for years. I was in total denial that I…

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