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How Often Should I Eat?

Do you ever have an internal debate with yourself about when you should and shouldn’t be eating? Like when you’re hungry between breakfast and lunch…should you really have a snack? Especially because the clock says lunch isn’t for another 2 HOURS!? Most women, when trying to drop 10 pounds (or even more than that) will…

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One Simple Way to Eat Pretty

You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard someone talk about crazy methods to slow down with your food in order to lose weight…like counting your chews or even chewing your food till it’s liquid. For me, those techniques never worked. Counting my chews made me feel like a robot and…

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3 Reasons Why Your Fitbit Isn't Working!

I love myself a good gadget! After all, their usual purpose is to save time and stress in your life so you can have more fun. Take my strawberry slicer, for example. It creates perfectly sliced strawberries in less than 1 second. Not only is it fun to “shoot” strawberries, but it saves me precious…

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