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Before I go! (video message for you)

Hi! I leave for my honeymoon in just a few days and wanted to share this with you before I go! Click my video message below to understand why healing emotional eating isn’t as simple as “just eat healthy and exercise” and what to do instead! Can’t wait to connect with you when I get back!…

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from my own experience

Hi, Early on in my journey to escape from emotional eating I got really clear that counting calories, portioning out food and weighing myself every day was never going to create the peace with food I desperately desired. Because these methods are based solely in science. They completely miss the MOST important aspect of yourself.…

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can I be really honest with you?

Hi, If I’m really honest with you, there’s something I was using in the same way I used to use food. I was using it to numb. Today marks 68 days of being alcohol free. If you feel crazy and compulsive around food, you know how big of a deal it is to be free from ANY compulsive behavior, because of all…

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