Fall Escape 2019 Prep Assignment

Fall Escape 2019 Prep Assignment

In a private sacred space, deeply connected to yourself, please answer the following. Answer honestly. The more you put into this assignment the more you will receive during our time together. If at any point you are not sure how to answer, guess. Always go with what is real and true for you. This is not a test.
  • Remember, to change emotional eating you need to change your behavior. The accountability to this program and all parts of it support this change.

    Every time you submit a form (like your ESCAPE Prep Assignment), show up for a call and come to an ESCAPE you are showing up for yourself and saying "I'm not willing to allow my EE to control me".

    Furthermore, this allows Jessica to be able to fully support you; you do your part so Jessica can do her part! 🙂

  • Please confirm your contact information so we can keep your file up to date!

  • 6) Please set your intentions for The ESCAPE:

  • 18) To best support you and the transformation we will be creating together, Jessica has decided to provide you with dinner on Monday and Tuesday evening. This is her gift to you and is optional. So we can best coordinate this with the hotel, please let us know which, if any of the evenings, you will join us for dinner.

  • Thank you! We can’t wait to see you for this deep healing retreat in Cape May! YAY!