Your emotional eating is holding you back. 

It’s time we set you free. 

From over a decade of my own dedicated research and having walked the journey to escape from my own emotional eating, I’ve gotten clear on what an emotional eater needs to find lifelong freedom from emotional eating. 

It’s an honor to share my life’s work with you.  

We Begin With A Different Approach

You know diets don’t work. Meal plans aren’t sustainable. And treadmills are torture devices.  Something deeper is going on and nothing has set you free…until now. In order to truly heal your emotional eating you need a different approach. A much deeper one that gets directly to the root and truly heals your compulsions with food. 

This deep, direct and transformational approach that creates lifelong freedom from food is Escape From Emotional Eating. 

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Note: The Escape From Emotional Eating® programs have been specifically designed for high-level, driven individuals who are successful in most areas of their life, expect this most sacred one with food. 

Here Are The Steps We’ll Take Together In Escape From Emotional Eating To End Your Fight With Food: 

Step 1: Build Emotional Fitness  

First, it’s imperative that we move your nervous system out of its hyper-vigilant fight-flight-freeze state into a rest-restore-rejuvenate state. You’ll learn the core practice of Energy Management via the Escape From Emotional Eating Energy Management Tools, like The Fear FlushTM and Digesting Emotions®. This is where peace, not anxiety, becomes your new normal.

Step 2: Untangle Physical and Emotional Hunger 

Using food as fuel is NOT about mastering willpower, restriction or deprivation. It’s about untangling the wires that you’ve got crossed and deeply understanding, respecting and mastering physical hunger vs. emotional hunger. In this phase of your journey, you’ll come to deeply understand the language of your body so you confidently and consistently choose what nourishes you, not what poisons you.

Step 3: Inner Peace As Your New Normal 

Stop believing and cycling through toxic thoughts and everything gets healthier. Here we move to clear out the “mental junk food” and build a strong, healthy mental space. With your beautifully toned mental muscles, your inner demons will no longer be dictating your thoughts, feelings, food choices and life. You develop inner peace no matter what is going on around you.

Step 4: Heal The Roots Of Your Emotional Eating

From my own personal experience with healing my emotional eating and over a decade of research, I’ve identified the 4 Roots Of Emotional EatingTM. Take any compulsive experience with food and follow it down to the root, one of or a combination of these 4 roots is activated.  If these roots are not addressed head on, they will continue to drive the emotional eating cycle. In our work together, we heal these so you can truly be free from emotional eating.

Step 5: The Gift Of Your Compulsions

What you resist persists. That’s why emotional eating is a cycle. The way to break this toxic cycle of self-destruction with food is NOT to control or resist the urge to eat. Instead, it’s about learning the way to escape. In this process, I’ll teach you the step-by-step way out of any compulsive pattern to numb. This is where your compulsions become your greatest teachers, a wellspring for deep wisdom and the greatest gift from the Universe for your deepest healing and liberation.

Step 6: Lift The Weight Of the World From Your Shoulders 

Overeaters have a difficult time processing emotions, energy and times of intensity. If you do not work through them you hold onto them. They stay in your head and in your body. You’ll stuff them down with food. This subconsciously makes your body larger in size in order to contain all your problems. This is why I created the process of Digesting Emotions® so there is an easy tool to reach for (not food!) – and not just to “feel your feelings” – but to process, release and transform overwhelming energy and emotions. When we do this inner work together, your body will have the green light to let go of any excess physical, mental or emotional weight.

Step 7: Feed Your Hungry Soul

With peace as your new normal and food as fuel, you will have an abundant source of energy, creativity and power.  We’ll channel this into the gentle stirrings of your soul’s calling, your life’s purpose. Whether it’s to take your business to the next level or simply care for your children like a she-wolf, you will rest your head on your pillow at night feeling utterly fulfilled.

Step 8: Rinse & Repeat

Just like we have to bathe our bodies regularly to keep healthy hygiene, we must continue and consistently work these steps again and again to keep healthy mental and emotional hygiene where food is fuel. This is not about going back to the beginning or repeating the first grade. It’s about reaching new levels by slaying new devils by working the tools, walking the journey and moving to your advanced levels of inner peace. This is the path to mastery.


The Escape From Emotional Eating approach is about being willing to recognize the frequency of support accountability that will best support you in doing this deep results-producing work and to finally break your cycles of overeating.  While the 3 signature programs of Escape, Escape+ and Escape+VIP Programs vary in levels of support and accountability, you will discover that each of these programs contain these 3 key components. 

1) The Power of Strong Accountability

Healing emotional eating doesn’t happen from collecting information.
It happens from changing your behavior.

My sense is you already know A LOT about food, health, and what you should be eating. (Perhaps you even have a career in health yourself!) But are blocked when it comes to following through.

That’s because information doesn’t motivate transformation.

If it did, you wouldn’t be here reading this.

That’s why in each of the Escape From Emotional Eating programs you’ll receive a high level of strong accountability so you are following through. And most of all, when you feel like you’re breaking down, you’ve got a hand to hold so you can turn your breakdown into a breakthrough.

2) The Power of Long-Term Support  

How long have you been trapped in the emotional eating cycle? 3 or 30 years?  

Short term commitment = short term results when it comes to healing your emotional eating. That’s why the Escape, the Escape+, and Escape+VIP Programs are year-long commitment or more. Because whether you’ve felt tortured with food for 3 or 30 years anything less than a year will not create the sustainable lifelong freedom from food you desire. 

3) The Power of High-level Committed Community

I’ve gotten clear that this Escape From Emotional Eating Community is the ultimate secret weapon to penetrate the toxic darkness of your compulsions with food. Without it, you will find that healing your relationship with food feels embarrassing, isolating, and impossible. That’s why community, THIS community specifically, is a vital ingredient in every program here and why I carefully create and consistently cultivate every aspect of it.

This community is small – but mighty! - to foster the deepest learning and so you don’t get lost in the crowd. It is a high-level group made up of driven, high-achieving, empowered individuals who are successful in every other area of their life but this one most sacred area, with food.

This is a group of people who are fiercely dedicated to their transformation (just like you) and will stand for you, even when you feel you can’t stand for yourself. Compassion, safety, and understanding are all energies you will feel in this community which are necessary catalysts for your transformation. If you’ve ever felt like “I’m different than these people” in group experiences before, then here, at Escape From Emotional Eating you’ll feel like you’ve finally found your home.

4) The Power of Retreats 

You’re here because you want to end your emotional eating and truly have peace with food. You aren’t willing to settle for anything less. 

Here at Escape From Emotional Eating we get the job done so you aren’t spending another moment carrying the burden of your emotional eating and we do that through the power of the ESCAPE. 

The ESCAPE is a 3-day transformational and deeply healing retreat, a key component in the Escape, The Escape+, and Escape+VIP Programs. In the 8+ years, I’ve led the ESCAPE retreats, I’ve seen that there is nothing that compares to the transformation that occurs when we are in-person together. The transformation begins when you are willing to step out of your daily grind because what you are truly stepping out of are the patterns, habits, and cycles that trigger the emotional eating cycle. 

I’m sure you’re used to attending various retreats for your career and business.  It’s time to attend a retreat fully focused on YOU that directly addresses the roots of your emotional eating so you can heal and finally be free. 

Currently, our retreats will take place either in-person or virtually depending on the state of the global pandemic

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Ready to heal your emotional eating?

Then let’s connect for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session
and put next steps in place so you can begin your healing journey.