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I believe that in order to find freedom from your food demons, you need a different approach. A much deeper one compared to the variety of diets and exercise programs you've tried in the past.

This Escape from Emotional Eating™ Self-Study Package is something I created to support you in confidently looking within and healing your relationship with food so that you can eat, move and live in integrity with yourself... where your body is a vessel for the Divine and your soul springs back to life.

I'm so excited to share this life-changing, mind-body-transforming journey with you!

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  1. 7 in-depth 20-minute audio trainings teaching you step-by-step how to heal your relationship with food. You’ll learn how to:
    1. Take your power back from food
    2. Learn to trust your body’s unique “I’m full” language so you can confidently stop eating when you are full!  (no more wasting your time and energy counting calories or measuring portions)
    3. Discover what you are really hungry for so you can stop overeating and finally feed your soul
      Thought-provoking, mindset-shifting accountability exercises (UNDERLINED)  key questions that accompany each training so you are taking action and experiencing life-changing transformation!
  1. Transformation Worksheets  – powerful visuals to support deeper learning and deeper healing in your relationship with food
  2. 250+ Delicious, Simple and Easy-to-Make Recipes - so you can save time, energy and feel confident in your food choices (this includes all of my tried and true dessert recipes!)
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