Our Work Together

Diets don’t work. Meal plans aren’t sustainable. Treadmills are torture devices when it comes to creating peace and freedom from food.

If these things did work for you, you wouldn’t be here still searching for answers. Escape From Emotional Eating is UNLIKE any other diet, weight loss or emotional eating program out there.

The work I do is deep, emotional and transformational. It requires a willingness to really dive in and do what needs to be done to take yourself out of the torture you currently experience around food.

Through my own healing journey from emotional eating and my dedication and devotion to supporting others in healing their relationship with food, I have gotten clear on what it takes for an emotional eater to experience long-lasting freedom around food and your body.

To change, you must have:

A Deep Approach

You probably have tried a variety of diets, methods and programs to help you find control around food. Yet, are frustrated when they don’t work at all or only for a short amount of time before you’re back to the same old patterns that keep you stuck.

The problem with this surface approach - mainly focusing on food and exercise – is that it does not address the emotional and psychological factors. If these are not addressed, they can make it impossible to lose weight, honor your body and eat healthy consistently.

If you want to make a long-lasting change and be FREE from your body struggles, you need a deeper approach. Which is exactly what we do in Escape From Emotional Eating. We start at the root of the problem and address ALL areas – the mental, the emotional, as well as the physical. Only when you change all three areas will you experience a permanent change in your life.

Loving Support

Overcoming your battle with food and your body is NOT something you can do alone or with more pain like deprivation, restriction or extremes. Do not be mistaken: your unhealthy eating is an act rooted in self-abandonment and self-hate. And only can returning to love overcome that.

I have been in your shoes. And I have overcome overeating. And there is nothing too humiliating, shameful or guilty about your current thoughts, feelings or experiences that I haven’t thought, felt or experienced before. Our work together is a sacred container where you are loved, as you learn to love yourself.

Consistent Accountability

This is key when it comes to creating long-lasting change. Consistent follow through = consistent results. And consistent follow through needs accountability so even the bumps you hit in the road turn into your greatest lessons.

Each Escape From Emotional Eating program is designed to facilitate consistent accountability. Depending on your level of support, we accelerate your transformation with in-person retreats, trainings, and experiences.

If you want to heal your relationship with food putting it back as fuel (rather than food being a comfort, stress relief or a numbing agent) then I’d like to invite you to apply for a Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session. Let’s begin your healing journey.

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