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How to be Happy!

After a Laugh Yourself Skinny session with me, my clients will often report how I always make them feel lighter, calmer and peaceful…like this losing weight thing is tooootally doable. Other people have even gone as far to say that I’m like a beam of sunshine. Which totally makes sense because I spend the first…

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How to tone up, slim down and lose weight fast!

I confess if we were to rewind a few years ago, I was addicted to my heart rate monitor. I wore it every day (because I used to work out every day) and would LOVE watching the calorie count tick away during a sweat session. Back then it was normal for me to burn upwards…

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Got Crazy Sugar Cravings?

Do you have a killer sweet tooth? I don’t know about you, but I used to crave sugar when I woke up, at breakfast, at lunch, after lunch, at 3pm, when I got home from work, at dinner and after dinner. And those nighttime sugar craving were always the worst! I used to try not…

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