Dream Cast Podcast: Episode 154: Escaping from Emotional Eating with Jessica Procini

Of the people who I know well, I can’t think of anyone who is NOT an emotional eater when under stress.

It’s something that we as humans use as a coping mechanism. Food brings us comfort, joy, and sometimes escape from the stressful thoughts bouncing around in our heads.

But when that stress is the type that lingers and the emotional eating along with it, this can lead to bigger health problems.

My guest on the Dream Cast today is an expert in this area. Jessica Procini is an emotional eating healer who helps others to use food as fuel rather than a way to soothe or escape their busy, stressful life.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • What causes emotional eating
  • How to break the habit of emotional eating
  • Tips to start using food as fuel instead!

Listen to the full episode HERE!