Ever Forward Radio: Episode 293: Emotional Eating – How to Break Poor Nutrition Habits and Find Emotional Healing with Jessica Procini

To function every day, we need the nourishment and energy that come from food. However, some people tend to use food as an escape and a coping mechanism.

Overconsumption can lead to various diseases such as heart failure and diabetes. But how can we manage this when we eat food to deal with stress every day? How can we be sure that we don’t consume tremendous amounts of food to compensate for our pain, anxiety, and personal struggles?

In this episode, Jessica Procini shares with us how we can heal from our love-hate relationship with food. She discusses her journey toward self-improvement, preserving the sacredness of food, and fostering a supportive community.

This episode is for everyone who wants to learn more about emotional eating and heal from destructive eating behavior. Listen to the full episode HERE!