Get Your Life Together, Girl with Danielle A. Vann: Episode 208: The Coping Mechanism of Emotional Eating with Jessica Procini

Get Your Life Together, Girl with Danielle A. Vann | Jessica Procini What does the term “coping mechanisms” mean to you? The term has taken on an understanding that doesn’t fully explain what a coping mechanism is or how it can take you into dark places in your life. After all, they are more than just the things you do because at the base of every coping mechanism is a hope that you have a sense of safety and control, even if it isn’t a true security blanket.

When we use our coping mechanisms against ourselves, we create less than fulfilling lives. This is especially true if your coping mechanism is something that requires work. An example of that work is emotional eating.

While many of us do not look at our eating habits and relationship with food as disordered, it can be without even realizing it. Any disordered habits create disordered thinking, which upsets our emotional balance. That’s why I sat down with the founder and leader of Escape From Emotional Eating Jessica Procini to talk about the root of this coping mechanism and how to tackle it if this is a struggle for you.

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