Food is no longer holding me back!

Before my Escape From Emotional Eating journey, I really felt like this fight with food, my body and my emotions were holding me back in my business and getting in the way of the important work I was put on this planet to do.  I had an army of voices in my head that would constantly beat me up saying, “you’re not good enough”, “you’re too fat”, or “you’re a lost cause”.

Now I am completely free from emotional eating and 2 sizes smaller, which is just fantastic! Food is no longer something I HAVE to have. I feel so much better IN my body and I’m more proud of it…no more pain and lots more strength! My mind is much more clear, I am more focused and more grounded.

Emotionally I feel GREAT! I am no longer overwhelmed by my emotions. I actually value and take care of myself and my feelings now. Most of all I’ve learned to love myself and celebrate myself, which used to be very hard for me.

And the best part is that because of this freedom from emotional eating, I’ve been able to triple my business as a spiritual channeler, travel internationally with ease and pleasure, and I feel completely at peace on every level.

Inga Thengilsdottir, Spiritual Channeler ♥ Reykjavik, Iceland
Escape+VIP Program Client