Food doesn’t rule my life anymore!

When I first started my Escape From Emotional Eating journey my thoughts were consumed with food and my body. I couldn’t really focus on much else. I spent my life suffering from obsessive thoughts about food, disordered eating, and always looking for the next diet that was going to be my savior. Add on a side of negative body image and dysmorphia and I was a recipe for disaster.

I went to school for health coaching myself and found that while the information was helpful and what I learned was relevant, the curriculum didn’t support me in the way that I needed. I had invested in other types of programs, but they always missed the mark. I knew I needed something more, something deeper and more intimate to undue the emotional havoc I inflicted upon myself.

I decided to work with Jessica because I needed someone to push me, hold me accountable, and support my highly-sensitive self through this journey. I had never worked with someone so totally immersed in this work. It was apparent in every single way that she thought and taught. The way that she coached me gently pushed me into my greatness. Her entire essence is about supporting women to feel their best, do their best, and live their best in all the upward spirals of our lives.

My relationship to food and my body now is totally different than it was a little over a year ago. Before, my thoughts were consumed with food and my looks almost 80 percent of the time. Now, 80 to 100 percent of the time I focus on what I want and desire out of my ENTIRE LIFE, not just how I look and what I’m eating. Those things are still important to me, but they do not rule my life and who I am. I feel SO much more connected to my body that I can now communicate with it. I’m so much more aware of how foods affect me physically, mentally and emotionally. I am more confident in my abilities. I am more confident in my purpose. And I am so much more comfortable in my own skin. Jess is a masterful coach that holds space for you, whips out her tools, and fiercely cheerleads you. Her work moves you to empower yourself. And that gift is totally priceless.

Nikki Brocco, Health Coach ♥ Dix Hills, NY
Escape+ Program Client