I no longer need food to self-medicate!

Before Escape From Emotional Eating, I would frequently visit the drive thru and binge eat fried foods until I felt so sick. To me food was the only thing I had that made me happy. I disliked myself so much that I could not imagine one moment where I was not criticizing myself and I thought I would never ever be free from that pain.

Jessica was the first person who told me nothing was wrong with me, but I just have to do things differently. That was one of the most powerful statements I had ever heard. It’s changed how I view myself and how I approach things.

I chose to attend the ESCAPE as a jumping off point for me. I was skeptical that nothing would help me improve my life. Going to the Escape gave me tangible evidence that I could improve and have hope, and it even got me to think that I could improve my life. It’s a great time to recharge and connect with other individuals who are like you. There is powerful transformation that occurs on this retreat.

Now, I no longer binge eat fried food till I feel sick. I eat food that fuels my body rather than soothing my emotions. I have completely shifted my relationship with my anxiety – going from a 9 out of 10 to a 4. I no longer need food to self-medicate. I have a nourishing intimate relationship with myself. I have become a compassionate confident empowered woman who stands up for what I want, even if it’s different. With all the extra energy that I got back from ending my fight with food I started stand-up comedy and really honing that craft. I have a freedom that I’ve always craved.

Lily Callaway ♥ Dallas, TX
Escape+VIP Program Client