Life On Earth Podcast: Episode 76: Is Food A Crutch? with Jessica Procini

Have you ever wondered if you are an emotional eater? Many of us run to food as a crutch. In this episode we will explore the many levels on which emotional eating can show up in your life.

Jessica Procini is a nutritionist and a life coach. She joins Nathalie today to talk about the struggles of emotional eating, identifying its roots, and immune-boosting tips to follow during COVID-19.

Jessica had always struggled in her relationship with food without knowing the reason why. For 20 years she emotionally ate, even while going through nutritionist school, until she identified herself as an emotional eater. Jessica discusses how, after 10 years of research, she has overcome her issues with food and formed a proven method for others to deal with emotional eating.

Many people, like Jessica, have issues surrounding food and often don’t know why. We’ve all tried diet and exercise plans that don’t stick or just plain don’t work. Jessica discusses the 4 roots of emotional eating, and how identifying what and why we are eating can help build a foundation of understanding, and can lead you to see how your relationship with food echoes other relationships in your life.

With stress at an all time high for many people right now, there is no better time for introspection and discovery. Taking those first steps into change is always difficult, but now is the time to let go of your food guilt and plan for a healthier tomorrow.

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