Self-Care For Extremely Busy Women: Episode 218: Emotional Eating: What Are You REALLY Hungry For? with Jessica Procini

Self-Care For Extremely Busy Women: Emotional Eating: What are you REALLY hungry For? with Jessica Procini

Learning how to eat more mindfully and not emotionally overeat is a skill many of us need to learn. Suzanne talks to Jessica Procini, an emotional eating expert, on how to use food as food instead of a comforting substitute.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a WAY restless meditator. So this week I start the show by sharing a practical list of ways you can overcome that restlessness… and just settle down and chill out. Good idea for the start of a new year, right? Because we all need to get ourselves on the meditation cushion if we want serene minds.

To that end, I also interviewed an emotional eating expert, Jessica Procini. She’s got a fascinating take on emotional overeating and how we can heal from it—something she calls “digesting your emotions.”

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