Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women with Susanne Falter: You, Your Mother & Food with Jessica Procini

Self-Care For Extremely Busy Women: Emotional Eating: What are you REALLY hungry For? with Jessica Procini

Learning how to eat more mindfully, and not emotionally overeat is a skill many of us need to learn. Suzanne talks to Jessica Procini, emotional eating expert, on how our relationship with our mothers is often a factor in our food issues

Perhaps you over eat, over drink, over drug, over shop… whatever your ‘ism’ is, issues with the emotional attachment with your mother may be at the root of it.

Jessica shares ideas on
–       Why mother-daughter relationships can be so tricky
–       Using substances to cope, and alternatives that are healthier
–       The connection between overwork and overeating
–       How to know if your mother is triggering you
–       What to do if your mother is active in your life—and things are tricky
–       Body shame v body positivity
–       The impact of how we dress and what to do about it

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