The Guilt-Free Guide to Satisfying Midnight Snack Cravings

Be Well Philly“We’ve all been there: It’s 1:30 a.m., you’re hanging out with your friends (or your three dogs) binge watching Orange is the New Black when you get the late night munchies. So you break out a bag of chips and some cookie dough ice cream and, before the next episode starts, you’ve eaten an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips and a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s. You look down at the damage you’ve done and think Yiiiikes. I’m definitely going to regret this. Never again.

But guys, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can still satisfy your midnight cravings and not feel like you have to kill yourself at the gym the next day. I spoke with Philly-based holistic health and weight-loss coach Jessica Procini, of Laugh Yourself Skinny, and she clued us in to how to satisfy midnight munchies without feeling a hint of guilt about it.”