The Over 50 Health & Wellness Podcast: Escape From Emotional Eating with Jessica Procini

The Over 50 Health & Wellness Podcast | Jessica Procini

Indulge me for a moment, and let’s imagine this together. Let’s picture a woman who is a boss babe, she has her act together. She’s a type-A over-achiever, and she gets things done. She’s kicked ass in her career, climbed the corporate ladder, and is by all measures highly successful in her work life.

Her kids were outstanding children, made straight As in school, went to highly regarded universities, and of course, excelled there and are now starting their own successful careers.

She’s on the board of a national nonprofit, and her name regularly comes up when discussing who’s who in her community.

From outward appearances, this woman is successful and in full control of her life. But this woman has a secret. She is in full control of all aspects of her life – except one. She’s an emotional eater. And paradoxically, the more successes she experienced in her life, the more she turned to food for comfort.

How can this be? How could this woman be so intelligent, so successful, and so together in all areas of her life except when it comes to something as simple and fundamental as eating?

My guest today is Jessica Procini. Jessica is the founder of Escape from Emotional Eating and is on a mission to help high achievers heal the roots of their emotional eating so they can use food as a nourishing asset rather than a self-destructive way to cope, soothe and attempt to escape their busy, stressful lives. Jessica’s work has received multiple awards from the Institute of Psychology of Eating, and she’s been featured in noteworthy media outlets such as ABC, CBS, and MindBodyGreen.

Join us today as Jessica shares her own story as well as how to stop using food to cope and start using food to thrive.

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