Triggered AF with Alechia and Dani: How to End Your Fight With Food with Jessica Procini

Triggered AF with Alechia and Dani | Jessica Procini Escape From Emotional EatingIn the “How to End Your Fight With Food” episode, the founder of Escape from Emotional Eating, Jessica Procini, provides tools to tackle one of America’s most prevalent issues today – our food. Our relationship with food exists on a spectrum – whether we’re using it in a healthy way or abusing it. Taking steps to bridge the gap between your relationship with food right now and your ideal relationship with food is more effective than measuring food by quantity.

Food affects both the mental and physical aspects of our life, and the goal is to become an expert on yourself. We get so caught up in the ‘what are we eating?’ and judging that, but the stuff behind the what and the relationship we have with food is where we begin to transform and change.

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