What is my Highly Sensitive Strength?

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Hi! Guess what!? My birthday is tomorrow (I’ll be 37 – woohoo!), so I thought it would be fun to play a little game together! 🎉🎁

Since you’re a part of my inner circle, I share more openly with you than I do on social media… and you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been talking more and more about how I am a Highly Sensitive Person and how that impacts how I take care of myself and move throughout this overwhelming world. 

And if you’ve been here for a little while, you may remember that my mentor of NINE YEARS invited me to be a contributing author to her book DIFFERENT. 🎉 

In the section I wrote, I share more about my personal experience learning and leading as a Highly Sensitive (look for it on page 111!) ✨

And since I love to play and have fun no matter how old I am, I thought it would be fun for you to have a chance to win a prize – my gift to you! 🎁 – by guessing which of these Highly Sensitive Strengths is my #1. 

Even if we’re just getting to know each other, I invite you to reply back to this email with your guess! 

Come on, let’s play! ⤵️

From these Top 3 Highly Sensitive Strengths, which do you think is my tippy top #1 strongest inner strength

A. I am very intuitive.

B. I am highly aware of subtleties in my environment and of other people’s needs. 

C. I am visionary and able to imagine possibilities. 

HINT: Know that I do possess ALL of these strengths, as does every person who is Highly Sensitive. 😄 But there is one strength that has ALWAYS been front and center for me, all through the 37 years I’ve been on this planet. Before I knew and accepted that I was Highly Sensitive, I often accessed it without even knowing I was doing it! 

And as I continue to train my Highly Sensitive Nervous System to work for me, it continues to get even more supercharged! ⚡️🚀⚡️

Reply back and take your guess! 

And the first person to guess correctly will WIN a free copy of the e-book DIFFERENT! 🎁 🦋 


Thanks for playing! 

In service to your freedom (and having fun together),

P.S. Keep your eye on your inbox over the next few days for the answer and to find out if you’re our winner! 🎁 💖

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