Winter 2019 Escape Prep Assignment

In a private sacred space, deeply connected to yourself, please answer the following. Answer honestly. The more you put into this assignment the more you will receive during our time together. If at any point you are not sure how to answer, guess. Always go with what resonates with you. This is not a test. Simply share whatever is true for you!
  • 5) Please set your intentions for The ESCAPE:

  • 7) Give an example of how each of the following energies are currently showing up in your relationship with food:

  • 8) When these energies are present, what does it feel like in your body? Give a specific description for each:

  • (please note: “nothing” is not an answer)
  • 16) February in Cape May is a powerful time to retreat as it is the off-season. Yet, this also means many of the restaurants will be closed or have limited hours. To best support you and the transformation we will be creating together, Jessica has decided to provide you with dinner on Monday and Tuesday evening. This is her gift to you and is optional. So we can best coordinate this with the hotel, please let us know which, if any of the evenings, you will join us for dinner.