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I no longer need food to self-medicate!

Before Escape From Emotional Eating, I would frequently visit the drive thru and binge eat fried foods until I felt so sick. To me food was the only thing I had that made me happy. I disliked myself so much that I could not imagine one moment where I was not criticizing myself and I thought I would never ever be free from that pain.

Jessica was the first person who told me nothing was wrong with me, but I just have to do things differently. That was one of the most powerful statements I had ever heard. It’s changed how I view myself and how I approach things.

I chose to attend the ESCAPE as a jumping off point for me. I was skeptical that nothing would help me improve my life. Going to the Escape gave me tangible evidence that I could improve and have hope, and it even got me to think that I could improve my life. It’s a great time to recharge and connect with other individuals who are like you. There is powerful transformation that occurs on this retreat.

Now, I no longer binge eat fried food till I feel sick. I eat food that fuels my body rather than soothing my emotions. I have completely shifted my relationship with my anxiety – going from a 9 out of 10 to a 4. I no longer need food to self-medicate. I have a nourishing intimate relationship with myself. I have become a compassionate confident empowered woman who stands up for what I want, even if it’s different. With all the extra energy that I got back from ending my fight with food I started stand-up comedy and really honing that craft. I have a freedom that I’ve always craved.

Lily C., Dallas, TX

I'm finally free from my emotional eating

Before The ESCAPE Program, I reached a point where I was sick and tired of being tortured by food. I had tried Weight Watchers and a nutritionist... both of which I would rebel against and sabotage myself. Nothing touched the mean voices in my head. I knew so much about food, I just couldn’t get myself to do it so I decided to attend the Escape.

First, I lost 12 pounds even before I showed up on the ESCAPE simply from the Foundational Trainings that you get when you sign up! Once on the retreat, I learned how to fully put food back as fuel. The mean inner voices stopped and for the first time in my life, I have peace in my mind. I started to get my self-confidence and self-esteem back. The Escape was such a warm, supportive group where I felt really safe to do this deeper work. I didn’t want to leave and I am a completely different person because of this!

Dr. Karen Wallet, Marlton, NJ

I feel completely at peace on every level

Before Escape From Emotional Eating, internally I had an army of voices in my head that would beat me up saying, “you’re not good enough”, “you’re too fat”, or “you’re a lost cause”. I really felt like this fight with food, my body and my emotions were holding me back in my business and getting in the way of the important work I was put on this planet to do.

Now I am completely free from emotional eating and 2 sizes smaller, which is just fantastic! Food is my friend, it’s not longer something I HAVE to have. More important is that I feel so much better IN my body and I’m more proud of more pain and lots more strength! My mind is much more clear, I am more focused and more grounded.

Emotionally I feel GREAT! They are no longer scattered around all over the place or overwhelming. I actually value and take care of my feelings now. Most of all I’ve learned to love myself and celebrate myself, which used to be very hard for me.

And the best part is this freedom from emotional eating, I’ve been able to triple my business as a spiritual channeler, travel internationally with ease and pleasure, and feel completely at peace on every level.

Inga Thengilsdottir, Kopavogur, Iceland

My life isn’t about perfection and 23 minutes of aerobic exercise anymore

When I began my EFEE journey, I was quite skeptical about my ability to integrate real, identifiable change. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone thru cycles of eating & exercising well, followed by poor food choices, a dirth of exercise and a general feeling of complete helplessness. I didn’t exactly hate my body, but I didn’t really love it that much, either.

I’ve come to understand that forgiveness, gentleness and love are SO much more important that willpower or even eating perfectly for an entire month. My focus has shifted entirely from one of trying to restrict myself to wanting to bring myself joy and contentment – food is so, so secondary, even tertiary! If I do fall – and we all do – I’m reminded that I’m still circling closer to my goal, even closer than I was yesterday.

My life isn’t about perfection and 23 minutes of aerobic exercise anymore, it’s about love and meaning and true self-respect. I feel like a loving beacon of warmth and light whenever I’m out in the world now – filled to the brim with self-care and ability to be so generously kind and loving to others.

Laura Sorensen, Cranston, RI

I feel SO much more connected to my body that I can now communicate with it!

When I first came across Jess (via a very well scripted and hilarious Youtube video about poop!) and Escape From Emotional Eating, I was in very different headspace than I am now. My thoughts were consumed with food and my body. I couldn't really focus on much else. I went to school for health coaching myself and found that while the information was helpful and what I learned was relevant, the curriculum didn't support me in the way that I needed. I spent the better part of my 26 years of life suffering from obsessive thoughts about food, disordered eating, and always looking for the next diet that was going to be my savior. Add on a side of negative body image and dysmorphia and I was a recipe for disaster. I had invested in other types of programs making bold promises of perfect health and weight loss, but they always missed the mark. I knew I needed something more, something deeper and more intimate to undue the emotional havoc I inflicted upon myself.

When I first spoke to Jess, her fierceness and dedication around women's happiness with their bodies oozed from her voice. I had never worked with someone so totally immersed in this work that it was apparent in every single way that they think. Before I even signed on to work with her, the way that she coached me gently pushed me into my greatness. My deciding factor in working with her was her promise to have my back. See, so many times I've always felt lost in the coaching sea and this wellness world. I needed someone to push me, hold me accountable, and support my highly sensitive self through this journey.

Her entire essence is about supporting women to feel their best, do their best, and live their best in all the upward spirals of our lives.

My relationship to food and my body now is totally different than it was a little over a year ago. Before, my thoughts were consumed with food and my looks almost 80 percent of the time. Now, 80 to 100 percent of the time I focus on what I want and desire out of my ENTIRE LIFE, not just how I look and what I'm eating. Those things are still important to me, but they do not rule my life and who I am. I feel SO much more connected to my body that I can now communicate with it. I'm so much more aware of how foods affect me physically, mentally and emotionally. I am more confident in my abilities. I am more confident in my purpose. And I am so much more comfortable in my own skin. Jess is a masterful coach that holds space for you, whips out her tools, and fiercely cheerleads you. Her work moves you to empower yourself. And that gift is totally priceless.

Nikki Brocco, Health Coach, Dix Hills, NY

I’m completely free from binge eating!

"Before Escape From Emotional Eating, I knew a lot about food and nutrition. I was very well aware of what foods are great for my body and what will give me the ultimate energy. Yet, I still struggled with binge eating about four times a week, emotional eating, controlling portions and craving foods that I know aren’t good for me, yet still couldn’t part ways with them. I had a relationship with food where I saw it as the enemy and felt like I was spiraling out of control. After working with Jess, I’m completely free from binge eating. I fit back into my skinny jeans and my belly is flat! I stand taller and feel more grounded and confident. I know how to manage my stress and anxiety without food. Now I look in the mirror and love what I see. I really love myself. I feel like I’ve finally taken my power back from food."

Brigitte Ayoub, Consultant, Philadelphia, PA

I’ve had to buy smaller size pants!

"When I met Jessica, I referred to myself as a professional dieter. I had tried most of the silly ridiculous diets as well as the more proficient ones like Weight Watchers. I had lost weight but always managed to gain it and more back over time. I wanted to find something I would stick with and keep the weight off. While working with Jessica, I became more aware of what I'm eating and putting into my system. I'm making better choices and sticking to it! I've had to buy smaller size pants and haven't had a cookie, cake or ice cream since I started working with her. Best thing is, I don't even want it! She told me once, "It will get easier" and at first I didn't believe her. But she was right. Eventually, losing weight and making better choices got easier. I've dieted my whole life but never have I been at this point with this mindset.”

Brenda Crispino, Aston, PA

My stomach keeps getting flatter and flatter!

"Working with Jessica was truly transformative. This is the best I've ever felt! I'm eating less, but still feel full, I have so much energy and my stomach keeps getting flatter and flatter. Jess' approach is very unique and she has the ability to help her clients from so many different angles. Her method is faster and more effective than anything else out there.”

Zaya Khalil, Designer, Scranton, PA

I’m healthier at 30 than I was at 25! testimonial: "I’m healthier at 30 than I was at 25!" - Catherine Wooton, Physicians Assistant, Norfolk, VA

5 years ago I was competing in triathlons but my total cholesterol and triglycerides were high. I wasn't lacking exercise and I had tried to clean up my diet and take supplements with no real improvement. Now that I have been working with Jessica, my total cholesterol has come down 40 points and my triglycerides are down 50 points! I am actually healthier at 30 than I was at 25!

Catherine Wooton, Physicians Assistant, Norfolk, VA

I’ve stopped counting calories! testimonial: "I’ve stopped counting calories!" - Susanna

Before working with Jessica, I struggled with hypertension, counting calories and fluctuations in my weight. I wasn’t comfortable in my clothes and thought about my weight a lot. I would agonize over what to eat and was overwhelmed with trying to eat healthier to lose weight. After working with Jessica, I’m a slimmed down version of myself. I have stopped counting calories, embraced and now love many new foods, and learned what foods work best for my body. I’ve said goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and have tasty healthy food ready every week. I’m living stomachache free and I feel light, clean, organized and motivated!

Susannah Magrane, Nursing Student, Philadelphia, PA

I lost 7 pounds from all the right places! testimonial: "I lost 7 pounds from all the right places!" - Bethany Perry, BA, NPI, HHC, RYT, Midland, Michigan

"I came to Jessica when I saw a picture of myself and thought "Oh my gosh, who is that middle aged woman and how did I become so fat?" Being over 50 had found me with a slow metabolism, low energy and feeling very uncomfortable in my body. I was wearing baggy tops, long sweaters (you know the ones), leggings and really being hard on myself. I wanted to lose weight mindfully and silence once and for all my inner critic.

After just 5 sessions of working with Jessica, I've lost 7 pounds (from the right places), I have more energy and I'm sleeping through the night. I feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning, which means I can be more productive throughout the day. My metabolism is supercharged which was a much easier process than I thought it would be. I feel so much better in my body, clothes and love dressing up again (without the long sweaters). Since working with Jess, I am back to loving public speaking and receiving invitations for new speaking opportunities and even two for TV!! I am PROUD to say that as a 54 year old woman, someone younger than my two oldest daughters has brought me to some breakthroughs that have been amazing for me and my life! Other people are noticing the changes too and keep asking "what are you doing?" The best part of all of this is when my children have said, "Mom, you are so much more confident, it is great to see"! Working with Jess was one of the best decisions I have made for my life!"

Bethany Perry, BA, NPI, HHC, RYT, Midland, Michigan
Bethany Perry

This is much easier when you have support!

"Before working with Jess, you could call how I was eating a deprivation diet...I was eating things that were low carb, low calorie and weren't satisfying. But I thought I was eating healthy. I'd read a lot of books and blogs about health and would change what I eat based on what they recommended going from Paleo to Vegan all within a year. After working with Jess, I've been able to find the foods that are right for my body and stop wasting my time trying different foods that weren't right for my body in the first place. I now have a list of foods that I know are energizing for ME. Instead of feeling deprived, I feel nourished and I'm having more fun in my life. I learned to quiet my inner 'people pleaser' and speak up more and request the foods that are energizing for me. I've discovered different ways to manage stress, so working from home enjoyable and I don't feel compelled to munch. I'm more focused and can get more done in a shorter amount of time. I now cook healthy AND delicious meals that are satisfying and energize me. Jess not only helped clean up my diet, but helped to dig deep into my life to figure out what was sabotaging my diet and health. And if I could give you a piece of advice from what I learned is that this health journey is much easier when you have support.”

B.K, Philadelphia, PA

I lost 8 pounds and have more energy!

"Despite having dieted, exercised, and cut calories, I was struggling to lose weight after having a baby. I would drag myself out of bed in the morning, after hitting snooze multiple times. I was always on the go, working full time with a 1 year old at home. After only one week of working with Jessica, I was satiated by eating less, had more energy in the morning and my pants were beginning to fit again! During my time with Jessica, I saw a steady decrease in my weight, 8 pounds total and a consistent increase in energy! I now know what foods and exercise are right for my body. Jessica is a great listener and also helped me discover ways to decompress and relieve stress."

A.L., Nurse Practitioner, Philadelphia, PA

I lost 9 pounds with little effort!

When I first met Jessica I was tired, running on empty (kinda like the song--working with Jessica will bring out your funny side too!), wanting to lose some weight and just overall wanting to feel better about myself. I attended one of her calls and had a blast! I realized fun was just one of the things missing in my life and if she can make weight loss and being healthy fun, I'm in!

I absolutely LOVED her program and found it to be filled with gems every week that kept me anticipating what was next! She is definitely not your typical weight loss guru. Just the opposite! She is filled with surprises that keeps you on your toes and without even realizing it, you're on track to feeling better, eating healthier and losing weight! I lost 9 pounds with little effort!

More importantly, what I noticed was that as I began to feel better and lose weight, I also realized how my emotions were such a big part of it. This is where one of the best surprises came for me. Jessica not only offers an amazing program filled with great content, but you get to experience her at her best... as an amazing, intuitive health coach who I found to be wise beyond her years.

She is brilliant in how she so quickly and intuitively can get to the root of something that might be keeping you stuck when you can't quite see it yourself. Several times she would notice things that I thought were completely unrelated and yet it all made so much sense. She offers amazing insight and exercises to help you move forward. I have learned so much from her and about myself. I just can't rave about her enough! SHE ROCKS!

Bottom line, if you're looking to have fun, feel good about yourself and lose weight in the process, Escape From Emotional Eating is for you! The bonus is you get to work with Jessica who will help you to really get on track with what's important to you and love yourself--again (and she'll remind you when you forget). She is your soul sister in spirit who truly has your back and will make this journey the time of your life! All women need to experience the gift of working with Jessica! You won't regret it!

Suzanne Reigle, Hershey, PA

I lost a total of 18 pounds!

"Before I started working with Jessica, I was stuck at 145 pounds for at least 6 months. I was always depriving myself and then binging…working out constantly and not seeing results. My clothes weren't fitting and my face was full of acne and I was unhappy. I started working with Jessica and lost a total of 18 pounds, my skin is clear and my binging is under control. What she taught me really blew my mind! I have a completely different approach to food…one that’s healthy and nourishing. I just feel so happy with everything I am doing and eating. Working out has even become enjoyable because it's more of a supplement to my healthy eating.”

Kelly S. Baltimore, MD

I lost 8 pounds by NOT focusing on food!

"I've lost 8lbs without even thinking about it and by not doing the same old thing of focusing on food. I now have a stress free relationship with food and it's no longer always on my mind. I bought my first dress in 15 years and I feel like I got my feminine self back. It's really great to have such support around this. With Jessica we're going to the root of the issues which is what I've never done before so intensively.”

Monika Wacker, Candle Artist and Animal Communicator, Switzerland

I lost 15 pounds!

"I came to Jessica wanting to lose 15 pounds. I was stressed, anxious, and so busy doing things for everyone else that I never had time for myself. With Jessica, I learned new eating habits and how to make time for myself and exercise. I am finally healthier, happier and more active. I lost 15 pounds well before she and I were done working together. The best part is, my old jeans completely fall off of me. I can't even pretend to wear them. Her tips were really easy to incorporate and I feel full, focused and good on a daily basis.”

Linda B., Haddonfield, NJ

I’ve dropped a pant size!

"Before working with Jessica one of my biggest challenges was what am I going to wear that I'll feel good in. Now, working with Jessica has allowed me to gain more and more control over my body and my weight without a million rules of what I can and cannot eat. The best part is that my clothes are fitting better and better. After just 5 weeks I've dropped a pant size and my clothes are fitting really easily and feel comfortable. I'm loving shopping for fall because I'm no longer drawn to clothes that'll camouflage or cover up my body. I am now drawn to clothes that are fitted and brightly colored. I'm actually having fun with what I'm wearing!"

Fran, Philadelphia, PA

I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10!

"I’ve tried all kinds of diets and nothing was making a difference. I was hungry all the time, confused about what to eat and got frustrated every morning when I got on the scale. While working with Jess, I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10. I’ve thrown away the scale and I’m confident in what I’m eating that I don’t need to weigh myself. With her help, I was able to find foods that fill me up and leave me satisfied. Best part is that I felt and looked fantastic on my wedding day!”

Laura Sahlender, Philadelphia, PA

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