have you ever felt this?

September 21, 2020

There was a point in my healing journey with emotional eating that I realized that I was turning to food when I wasn’t physically hungry because I was hungry for something I couldn’t name. 

This weird hunger was different…it felt like an emptiness…not in my stomach…but like there was a hole in my heart

This “emptiness” was confusing because I had a good life. “I should be happy,” I told myself. 

So I tried to fill this hole with food. 

But I realized that trying to fill this hole with my homemade gluten-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies was like giving a glass of sand to someone dying of thirst.

It’s suffocating. 

It only creates more thirst, more panic. 

It creates a secondary problem to distract from the first problem…because the first problem (the weird empty feeling when I should be happy) was just too weird. Too uncomfortable. 

It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve emotionally eaten, and I often think back to those times when I felt the inexplicable hunger…that weird empty feeling.

I think how I wish I knew how to work with that feeling back then like I do now. 

If I just had the tools to get to the root of it and work through it, I wouldn’t have had to suffocate it with food. 

If someone had just taught me that there is this thing called emotional hunger, that the “emptiness” was my emotional hunger speaking to me. 

If I had been taught how to nourish myself emotionally, I would have been saved from years of suffering in the emotional eating cycle

This is why I created Escape From Emotional Eating. 

If you’ve ever felt that weird emptiness… that inexplicable hunger that food will never fill… my high recommendation is to click here right now and apply for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session so we can connect and get to the root of your emotional eating

There is no need to spend another day suffering. 

In service to your freedom,

💝 Special Resource: Untangling Physical and Emotional Hunger

September 14, 2020
I’m excited to share this special resource with you!

Untangling physical and emotional hunger is one of the beginning steps we take together on the Escape From Emotional Eating Journey.

It’s important for you to know that using food as fuel is NOT about mastering willpower, restriction, or deprivation. It’s about untangling the wires that you’ve got crossed (the one’s that say “food is fun!” that lead to overeating and feeling like crap — nothing fun about that!).

When we untangle your physical hunger from your emotional hunger, you’re able to confidently choose what nourishes you.

In each of my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, this untangling process is very in-depth (it’s a 4-part training series). But since it’s a key component to your freedom from food, I wanted to share a short clip from a recent podcast interview I did to give you a taste so you can break free from overeating.

Click here to listen to the audio training (it’s 3 minutes and will change your relationship with food).

And since many of my clients are visual learners (I bet you are too!), click here to download the visual guide that accompanies the audio training above.

If someone comes to mind that you sense would benefit from this resource, please forward it to them!

In service to your freedom,

PS. If you’re interested in exploring enrollment in one of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs so you can break free from your emotional eating, click here and apply now.

Epic Fail

September 7, 2020

I tried tweaking Kristin Cavallari’s recipe for Green Banana Muffins to be gluten-free and they turned out exactly the way they looked going in the oven (pictured below)… like slime. I trashed the whole batch. And the 2 hours I spent making them… a total waste.

Believe it or not, back when I was an emotional eater, I would have forced myself to eat them even though they were not so great.

I would have felt so guilty spending the time and the money on the ingredients.

I would have been so excited about them and sooo upset when it didn’t turn out the way that I had hoped, that I would have force-fed them to myself… all to avoid the discomfort of disappointment. (I can’t believe I’m telling you this but it’s true.)

Thinking back there were sooo many times I ate something when:
(1) I wasn’t really hungry
(2) I didn’t really like it

All to avoid the guilt of saying “no” or the guilt of throwing it away. (Talk about low vibrational energy – ugh!)

Now I no longer treat my body like a garbage bin and disappointment is no longer a feeling that dictates my choices, especially with food.

So into the trash these went and instead of disappointment, I felt grateful to honor my body to say no.

We deserve better.

Better luck next time.

With love,

PS. Do you feel freedom around food? Then we have some important work to do. Click this link to apply to explore enrolling in one of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, so you can finally have the peace and freedom around food you deserve.

what I’m eating right now

August 31, 2020

I’ve been asked a lot what exactly I eat and how I’m staying centered, grounded, and free from emotional eating during these challenging times of 2020. 

While healing emotional eating goes WAY beyond what actually goes in your mouth (we’ll save the conversation about mental junk food and it impacts on your physical body for another time), I thought it would be fun to share about once a month what I am consuming (and loving!) – physically, emotionally and spiritually to stay nourished and sane. 

1. Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

A lot of people think that once you heal your emotional eating you can’t ever have cookies, cake, or (my favorite) pancakes ever again. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Because freedom from food is not about what you eat, it’s about why you are eating…are you actually physically hungry?

That’s why I’m so excited to share my favorite pancake recipe with you. People literally hunt me down for this it is so good. With this and any kind of food, be sure to eat when you are physically hungry and stop when you are satiated. I always put the leftovers in the fridge because they make a great grab-n-go snack too. 

2. This Awesome Video of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Guide to Her Signature Red Lip for Vogue

While most days I don’t wear any makeup at all, I do love a red lip and learning new beauty hacks. So when I stumbled upon AOC’s video, I was so grateful for there to be a video that isn’t focused on what you’re wearing but why you’re wearing it. Prepared to feel inspired and empowered, especially as a woman during these times, after watching this! I sure was!

3. The best book I read in a long time: Where The Forest Meets The Stars by Glendy Vanderah 

Need a break from self-help books? Yeah, me too. Then I think you’ll really love this one I just finished. By far the best book I’ve read all year. It’s one of the ones that’ll make you want to read instead of watching Netflix at night. It made my heart grow two sizes! 

I hope you find something inspiring and nourishing (or just plain fun) in these recommendations!

If you try one of them feel free to let me know how you like it! Simply hit “reply” and let me know!

In service to your freedom,

feeling frustrated?

August 24, 2020

Feeling frustrated or angry more than usual over the last few months? Yeah, me too.

That’s why in today’s video I sensed it was time to add onto our previous conversation about Transformation Anger.

It’s not enough to just “feel our feelings”. As someone who feels compulsive around food, you must learn to transform your emotions. No more numbing them or feeling flooded by them.

Remember if you don’t process and transform your emotions, they become embedded in your body…making your body one big toxic container for all your problems. 

So today, let’s take another look at frustration and anger so you can be free.

Click below to watch now (it’s 10 min and so worth it!) 

In service to your freedom,

PS. If someone comes to mind who you sense could benefit from this video, please forward this email to them. Thank you for contributing to this healing ripple effect.  

I see you

August 17, 2020
I see you. 

You have the career. The home. The life and the things you wanted.
You are a woman who gets it done. You make it all look easy.

On the outside, you keep it all together all the time. 
But on the inside…
On the inside….you are falling apart. 

No one knows that you stay up late squeezing in some secret snacks into your nighttime silence. 

No one knows that more than 50% of your thoughts in a day are about food.

No one knows that food has power over you and the real reason you workout so much is to burn off what you ate last night while the kids were sleeping. 

You are a smart, successful high-achieving woman. You tell yourself you “should” have this food stuff figured out by now, but can’t believe you’ve been carrying this secret burden of emotional eating for over 20 years.

You have enough on your plate. You don’t need this chaotic relationship with food holding you back anymore. It’s impacting everything. 

You want peace. 

You want to heal the roots of this so you can truly be free.

You want healthy, doable ways to manage and move through difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions without using food to cope…because the tools you have right now aren’t cutting it. 

You want high-level support and an intuitive coach so you can break through your own inner glass ceiling and finally escape from emotional eating. 

Click here and apply now.

The Escape From Emotional Eating programs were made for you.

In service to your freedom,

how to retreat during these times

July 27, 2020

 I am putting the finishing touches on the content for the Summer ESCAPE (which will be our first virtual one!) which is starting on Friday – YAY!

We’ll be focusing on transforming my favorite Root of Emotional Eating™…Fear! I am so proud of my clients who are deeply committed to healing their Roots Of Emotional Eating. It’s going to be a great and healing ESCAPE!

I wanted to share with you a vulnerable message that I shared with my clients about virtual retreats & doing this work…especially during these exceptional times. 

Click below to watch my message:

In service to your freedom,

PS. Next week I’ll be releasing a special resource that I’ve been working on for you so you can start healing your Roots Of Emotional Eating even though you couldn’t be with us on the ESCAPE!  Watch for my email next Sunday! XO

I can’t keep doing this

July 20, 2020

How many times have you told yourself, “I can’t keep doing this” after you emotionally ate…only to find yourself repeating that same pattern again and again and again?

I’ve been there. 

I used to think that if I shamed or guilted myself enough I would finally stop overeating. 

But according to research by neuroscientist Dr. Judson Brewer, there is no amount of shame or guilt that will ever change a behavior. 

And from my research, shame and guilt only adds fuel to the emotional eating cycle and keeps you stuck. 

So what broke me free from this pattern and will do the same for you?

1). Commitment – it’s the non-negotiable decision put into action to no longer numb yourself with food and the willingness to do whatever it takes to heal it. 

IMPORTANT: Commitment is an action, a demonstration of your desire. Commitment is not a decision made solely and secretly in your head.

2). Support – is ownership that you cannot win this fight with food alone (if you could you would have done so by now!) and to allow yourself to receive focused support from an expert.

3). Accountability – is being willing to take responsibility for your actions and to receive support for the obstacles that pop up along the way so that you don’t give up or snap back.

Notice that nothing here says “think your way to healing” because that’s what you’re currently doing and it’s not working.

Emotional eating is a behavior that must be unlearned by taking NEW actions by receiving focused support and accountability.   

Start now by clicking here to apply for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session as a demonstration of your commitment to your healing and opening yourself to receive support and accountability. 

I’ll personally review your application and if it makes sense for us to connect, you’ll hear from myself or a member of my team about scheduling. 

If it doesn’t make sense for us to connect, we’ll guide you to an immediate next step so you can continue the process of healing your emotional eating. 

It’s time to stop bingeing on the mental junk food of shame and guilt.

Instead, take action by 
clicking here.
Show up for yourself.
And follow through on your desire for peace with food!

In service to your freedom, 

are you with me?

July 13, 2020

This is something that’s been on my heart for many years now. It’s what I’ve seen for you, your children, and our world for many years now.

Watch this 1 minute video.

Then let me know…are you with me?

Lots of love,

these 2 minutes will inspire you

July 6, 2020

This is an extremely inspiring interview excerpt where I share what’s possible when you finally heal the Roots Of Emotional Eating.

It’s only 2 minutes long.

And it will inspire you, especially if you’ve been feeling trapped in the cycle of internal chaos with food.

Click here to listen now. 

In service to your freedom,

PS. Tired of wasting your precious time, energy, and life in the emotional eating cycle? Click here to apply and explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is the next step for you in healing your relationship with food.

Did you know there are 4 Roots that trigger Emotional Eating?

Watch this video to identify which one is triggering you!

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