Before You Eat on Thanksgiving

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Hi! The American Holiday of Thanksgiving is today, and I wanted to share a few recommendations on how to create peace with food on this holiday.

1). Treat Thanksgiving like any other meal. 

Crazy fear-based thoughts like “I’ll never eat this again” only fuel overeating and the emotional eating cycle. 

You know that if you really wanted that pumpkin pie cheesecake, you could easily go to the store and get one yourself. Or call up your Aunt Karen on a random day to make you one. (I bet she’d be delighted!) 

Bottom line: You will eat again. Food is everywhere.   

2). Bless your food and allow it to nourish you. 

This will help you remember that eating is a sacred experience and should be treated as such.

3). Eat in peace, trusting your body already knows what to do.

Yes, your body already knows what to do. It’s your mind that loves to interfere. Today is a great day to start practicing trusting your body. Remember, you are literally a walking miracle. 


The recommendations I shared with you here are just a few of the same ones I share with all of my clients. 

Emotional eating is a learned behavior that must be unlearned.  

Finally, I am so grateful to be connected with you. 

In a world that is overwhelmingly saturated with superficial diet culture, I’m glad we’re connected here and doing the sacred work of healing the roots of your emotional eating together.

In service to your freedom,

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