“I don’t want to tell my husband”

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating


Not long ago, I was in a Discovery Session where this bomb was dropped: 

“I really want to do this work with you to heal my emotional eating, but I don’t want to tell my husband.”

This reminded me of a time in my food-healing journey… 

When I didn’t want anyone finding out that (1) my emotional eating was out of control and (2) I really wanted, needed, special support to stop. 

Silently drowning in my ocean of shame, I believed if my husband (Zach) found out, he’d see me as… 


At my core, I believed that healing my relationship with food meant I would lose Zach’s love and respect. 

My emotional eating destroyed everything it touched – my body, my mind, my work, my finances – I didn’t want it to rupture my marriage too

Believing the cost and consequences of change were too high paralyzed me for years. 

So, I want to share with you a few things I’ve learned from my food-healing journey so you can learn from my experience, just like my clients do. 

1. Your relationship with food is deeply entwined with your relationship with other people.

Think about it! How many times have you fallen off track because you had a date night, dinner with friends, or a holiday meal? 

It’s easy to make changes when it’s just you. But it becomes a whole other kit and caboodle when someone outside of yourself, like spouses, family members, kids, friends, coworkers, etc., enter the mix. 

This is why, in my work with my clients, I support them with navigating their relationship dynamics so everyone in the relationship(s) can win!  

Relationships are part of the work here – it’s what makes my work different! 

Because as you evolve, your relationships need to evolve too! 

And you need the right tools and support to do exactly that! 

2. Emotional eating is a symptom of self-silencing. Healing it requires you to reclaim your voice.

The thing that changed everything for me in my relationship with food was allowing myself to receive the right support and accountability. 

Having a coach who could hold my hand, teach me, and guide me to have courageous conversations with my husband about what was really going on for me and what I really needed was a game-changer. 

I was finally able to face, “Oh no, what will he think of me?” and start creating the life I truly wanted. 

3. Your greatest fears are often the opposite of what will happen.

Remember when I said I was afraid that healing my emotional eating would rupture my marriage? 

Yeah, well, quite the opposite happened! 

I discovered that the healthier I got, the healthier our marriage got

The more I grow, the more our relationship grows. 

The more I love myself unconditionally, the more unconditional love I give and receive. 


So, if you want to heal your relationship with food but are afraid of what other people will think of you… 

Or maybe you’ve literally said, “I don’t want to have to tell my husband”… don’t let this paralyze you for years.

Instead, take the very best next step for your healing journey by clicking here right now

You and me. We’ve got important work to do. 

In service to your freedom,

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