Today’s Lesson: Staying Stuck vs. Breaking Out Of A Rut

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Today, I’m gonna share with you 2 KEY INGREDIENTS that make peace with food a reality. 

Without these 2 vital ingredients, you tend to stay stuck in the same patterns and repeat the same old behaviors. 

Here’s a real-life example…

How many times has this happened to you?

You listen to a podcast. 
You get some great new information. 
You feel inspired. 

You renew your commitment to following through. 
You take action for a few great days! 
You convince yourself, “This is it! This time is going to be different!” 

But then, a week or two goes by, and your motivation fizzles. 
Work gets busy. 
You get tired. 

You fall off track. 

A lot of people know WHAT to do but aren’t always doing it.

That’s because simply knowing the information isn’t enough. 

It’s not what motivates you to take action. 

Most of all, it’s not what has you staying with it when the road gets bumpy

We are all suffering from information overload! 

There are zillions of podcasts, books, articles, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts… there’s TONS of information, but 99% of people aren’t putting it into practice. 

The 2 KEY INGREDIENTS that bring your desire to be at peace with food a reality are (1) support and (2) accountability.

You’ve got information. You don’t need more information! 

What you need, is a live human being to lovingly hold your hand and guide your progress.

And that same human being to kick you in the booty when you start doubting yourself and trying to avoid something. 

And most of all, encourages you to just keep showing up when you feel challenged. 

Because the doubt, the distractions, the resistance, and the challenges will come. They are a part of your growth journey. 

Instead of putting an unhealthy amount of pressure on yourself to be perfect and never fall off track, it’s time to find the support and accountability that’s right for you!

That’s why I’d like to invite you to an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session

This is a 60-minute private consultation where we’ll look at your challenges in your relationship with food and your body. With me as your guide, we’ll zero in on what’s keeping you stuck and what you need to get unstuck. 

We’ll also get clear if I’m the right flavor of support and accountability for you! 

Space is limited, so click here right now and submit your information. Your form will come directly to me, and only me! 

After I review it, I will personally give you a call to schedule your Discovery Session! 

My clients tell me that I have a beautiful way of communicating that is sweet and fun. But that I don’t take any crap. 

They tell me how I have an amazing gift of calling them out in the kindest, most accepting way. That they don’t feel shamed or judged.  

Support AND Accountability. 

2 ingredients proven to make all the difference between staying stuck and breaking out of a rut.

Receive this for yourself by clicking here right now

In service to your freedom,

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