Best Wines for Weight Loss

The Best Wines for Weight Loss with Michael McCaulley

I once had a client say to me “I’ll never give up my red wine so don’t even try to make me”.

Like clockwork, at 6pm every night she’d pop a bottle of red and pour herself a glass as she prepped dinner.

I replied with a giggle, “don’t worry, I’m not going to make you give up anything you don’t already want to.”

Now that’s not something you’ll hear a lot of weight loss experts say. But I knew that when she started Laughing Herself Skinny, she’d be slimming down no matter what she drank, or ate.

And she did. She lost 10 pounds in just a few weeks…without sacrificing her beloved glass of vino.


Well, the first thing you should know is that not all wine is created equal. While the only thing that may really differ to the eye about wine is color, there are certain wines that’ll help you slim down and some that will pack on the pounds.

And the answers are in this week’s J-ciniTV episode and I’m SUPER DUPER excited about it!

I interviewed one of the founders and directors, Michael McCaulley, of my all-time-favorite wine spots here in Philadelphia, Tria. He dished out the details on which wines are best for weight loss.

And you’ll never guess what he had to say about my love for a glass of champagne!

Click below to get all the things you outta know in order to keep sippin’ yourself skinny:


Love, health & laughter,


P.S. This is my fav time of year to go to Tria. You can find me at a table by the window with one of my best friends giggling over a glass of Prosecco and the duck salad. Yummy! If you live around these parts, I hope to see you there one day 😉

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