The Patriarchy + Overeating

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

The patriarchal organization of our society demands that women ignore and turn away from their needs, hopes, and desires – deferring to men and the demands of their families. 

Instead of learning how to pay attention to the genius of your intuition and your inner guidance, you’ve internalized the belief that you are not worthy enough, smart enough, or good-looking enough to live a life of freedom, joy, and fulfillment. 

Living in a world that lacks the acknowledgment and valuation of your needs, many women turn to addictions such as overeating, overworking, over-responsibility, and alcohol to numb their pain.

Note: Anything can be used addictively, whether a substance (like food or alcohol) or a process (like work or childcare). 

This is because the purpose or function of an addiction is to put a buffer between yourself and your feelings – and your feelings are key to accessing your inner guidance! 

Your overeating or overworking serves to numb you, so you are out of touch with what you know and what you feel. 

The more out of touch you are with what you know and feel, the more deeply rooted and toxic the patriarchy becomes and the more unhealthy and unhappy you become.

In my work at Escape From Emotional Eating, my clients are liberated from this cycle. They learn the language of their body and discover what they are truly hungry for. 

Being back in touch with their unmet needs, they stop numbing and start nourishing.

This brings their mind, body, and soul back into alignment, where they are following their heart, their intuition, and their deepest knowings. 

Through our work together, emotional eating becomes extinct (and so do many other forms of numbing or buffering pain – like overworking, over-responsibility and drinking). 

From there, they step fully into a life of freedom, joy, and fulfillment…a life where they are healthy and nourished. And so is their world. 

Now, it’s time for your liberation. 

Click here to apply for support now. Our world needs you. ALL of you.

In service to your freedom,

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