we missed you! [FUN PHOTOS INSIDE]

hi! I’ve been thinking about you and since you weren’t able to join us on our last Escape I’m sending you some love, juice and inspiration with this behind-the-scenes look of our powerful transformational retreat!

Even if it feels like you are the only one who silently struggles with emotional eating, my hope is that you see that is not true! In fact, there are women who are challenged in the very same ways you are with food.

Support is available for you and that taking your power back from food is DOABLE!

Our cozy sea-side hotel in Cape May, NJ is always the perfect spot for our Escape and becomes our “home away from home”.  Plus, everyone is so accommodating to all of our specific requests, especially with food!

Beach walks are food for the soul! I even found a beach angel!

Struggle to be fully present with your food? Each day on the Escape I lead a meditative mindful meal experience. I love watching everyone’s accelerated transformation and deep understanding of when they are satiated! No more overeating here!

Later it was Ms. J’s turn in the hot seat and we were Digesting EmotionsTM around a difficult situation that was haunting her late at night. Afterwards she said, “WOW. I feel so calm and clear in my body.”

When we gather in supportive groups where space is created for increased compassion, like we do on the Escape, love can heal anything toxic!

If this experience resonates with you, I invite you to explore if the next Escape is the right next step for you to end your emotional eating, fill out this application right now!

I truly believe you, CAN overcome your emotional eating.

Take my hand, submit your application! and let me show you step-by-step how you can take your power back from food and finally overcome your emotional eating.

With all my heart and love,

PS. The Escape is unlike any other retreat you’ve attended because I’ve specifically and intentionally designed it so your healing and transformation continues even after you return home. APPLY NOW and let’s discover if the LAST SPOT on the Fall Escape is your right next step to end your emotional eating.








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