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Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Have you been feeling like, “Ok. It’s September. I gotta get back on the wagon?” 

After a summer of eating and drinking too much, September is often a month of restriction under the guise of something healthy, like a “Sober September” or another valiant commitment to doing Whole 30. 

But you know that when a few more months go by and life gets even harder and busier, you’ll be reaching for food and wine to take the edge off of your long, stressful days

Leaving you right back where you started. 

That’s because another Sober September isn’t going to get to the roots of why you drink (and eat) to cope, soothe, or connect with others.

And swapping your cookies for carrot sticks for a few weeks isn’t going to fill that hole you feel inside

Because using food (or wine) to cope, connect, or “have fun” is not an effective strategy. Especially for women like you who need to function at a higher level. 

This is why in step #1 of my work with my clients, we focus on building your emotional fitness so allll your bodies (your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies) are well fed

Well fed in a way that is in alignment with your highest good, where allll your needs are met (especially your emotional needs)! 

This isn’t about restriction, denial, or willpower… this is about learning how to cope, connect, and have fun in an even better way.

Because when you do, you won’t need another Sober September to “get back on the wagon,” which will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy, and brain power.

If you’re ready to explore this alternative way, click here to apply now so we can discover if the work I do is a fit for you. Because it’s not for everyone. And that’s ok.

In service to your freedom,

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