I can’t keep doing this

How many times have you told yourself, “I can’t keep doing this” after you emotionally ate…only to find yourself repeating that same pattern again and again and again?

I’ve been there. 

I used to think that if I shamed or guilted myself enough I would finally stop overeating. 

But according to research by neuroscientist Dr. Judson Brewer, there is no amount of shame or guilt that will ever change a behavior. 

And from my research, shame and guilt only adds fuel to the emotional eating cycle and keeps you stuck. 

So what broke me free from this pattern and will do the same for you?

1). Commitment – it’s the non-negotiable decision put into action to no longer numb yourself with food and the willingness to do whatever it takes to heal it. 

IMPORTANT: Commitment is an action, a demonstration of your desire. Commitment is not a decision made solely and secretly in your head.

2). Support – is ownership that you cannot win this fight with food alone (if you could you would have done so by now!) and to allow yourself to receive focused support from an expert.

3). Accountability – is being willing to take responsibility for your actions and to receive support for the obstacles that pop up along the way so that you don’t give up or snap back.

Notice that nothing here says “think your way to healing” because that’s what you’re currently doing and it’s not working.

Emotional eating is a behavior that must be unlearned by taking NEW actions by receiving focused support and accountability.   

Start now by clicking here to apply for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session as a demonstration of your commitment to your healing and opening yourself to receive support and accountability. 

I’ll personally review your application and if it makes sense for us to connect, you’ll hear from myself or a member of my team about scheduling. 

If it doesn’t make sense for us to connect, we’ll guide you to an immediate next step so you can continue the process of healing your emotional eating. 

It’s time to stop bingeing on the mental junk food of shame and guilt.

Instead, take action by 
clicking here.
Show up for yourself.
And follow through on your desire for peace with food!

In service to your freedom, 

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