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is this standing in your way?


I’ve been thinking about you because I’ve been talking to a lot of people who want to heal their emotional eating and they keep bumping up this big fear: “This just isn’t going to work for me.”

They tell me how they’ve tried diet after diet…

How they feel like something is wrong with them

How they’ve determined that feeling compulsive and magnetized to food is simply something they’ll have to settle with.

Which completely breaks my heart.

Because I’ve been in that same dark hopeless place. Those words of, “I feel like there’s something wrong with me,” have even come out of my own mouth many years ago.


What I’ve come to know and why I’m so passionate about helping you heal your emotional eating is that diets are a mis-match for emotional eaters. 

There is nothing wrong with you. What’s been “wrong” is the method your using to heal. 

It’s time to try things differently. 

It’s time to manage your stress, anxiety and overwhelm so it’s not triggering you to eat.

It’s time to untangle your physical hunger from your emotional hunger so you can stop filling the hole deep inside with food.

It’s time to take your power back from food.  

All of this is exactly what we do here at Escape From Emotional Eating and what we’ll be doing at our upcoming retreat called the ESCAPE.

If you’re ready to be done with your emotional eating, I invite you to fill out this application so we can explore if our unique life-changing method of creating peace with food is a fit for you.

Submit your application now so we can connect and explore what’s possible when you have support that is a match for you.

So looking forward to our time together.

With love (and full dedication to your healing),

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