Hello From The ESCAPE!

Hello from the serene beaches of Cape May!

I’m getting ready to lead our 3-day transformational retreat, called The ESCAPE — it starts tomorrow, I can’t wait!

We’ll be focusing on the healing the roots of emotional eating and transforming the energies of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It’s why most numb with food.

And I’m SO proud of the Escapees I’m serving in-person this week and their willingness to do whatever it takes to be here.

Because when we come together in-person in a sacred space that is created for increased compassion, understanding and transformation, we can finally heal your relationship with food.

I have seen this happen year after year in those who attend our retreats.

People who swore that they’d always need to lock up naughty foods are suddenly able to eat one of something — one bowl, one piece, one bite.

People who have never been able to stop thinking about food, suddenly find their mind peaceful and quiet…they’re fully present.

This is the power of the ESCAPE!

(again, I’m SO excited)

Come follow our journey on my personal Facebook and Instagram pages. I’ll be posting along the way… but not too much because I want to be fully present with my clients. Plus, this work is best done in a safe, sacred space without social media ;-).

See you after the ESCAPE!

With love,

PS. Wanna explore how joining us on our next ESCAPE will help heal your emotional eating? YES! Submit this form so we can set up a time to connect and explore if the ESCAPE is right for you!

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