It's not about the food

Do you forbid yourself from keeping certain foods in your house because you know you’ll over do it?  

For me, it was granola.  

Even though it was the "healthy" kind made with coconut oil and a low glycemic sweetener, I could EASILY polish off a bag in just a matter of minutes. 

I’d always start with good intentions…one bowl…a little almond milk…

But my mind would quickly jump in saying, "mmmm yummy! this is sooo good! I want more. More! More!"

10 minutes and another 3 giant bowls of granola later, I’d negotiate with myself, "oh there’s just a little bit left in the bag…"

It’s slightly embarrassing to say this, but then I’d shovel the rest in my mouth with my hands. Often pouring the remnants directly into my mouth, all while standing alone in my kitchen.  

Frustrated that I couldn’t stick to portions or have any self-control when it came to granola, I stopped buying it altogether. I didn’t know there was any other way.  

For years, granola was never allowed back into my pantry.  

It wasn’t until just last week, when I finally came face to face with this very same granola again, that all of this came flooding back to me.  

And what I experienced was so drastically different…a true testament to how far I’ve come in healing my relationship with food and overcoming overeating. 

First, I was able to be fully present with my food. I wasn’t standing up, walking around as I ate. Instead I sat in a big comfy chair in my hotel room and gazed out the window from time to time in between bites.  

There weren’t any crazy racing thoughts, no demons inside my head, pushing me or negotiating with me to eat more. This time, there was simply brain S P A C E.  

Most of all, I had just one bowl. No measuring. Not hemming and hawing. No uncontrollable compulsion to have another. It just was what it was.  

That same bag that I could have easily finished in a matter of minutes, last week lasted me over 10 days!  

Afterwards I was like…"Wow! This was so different."

Then I thought of you.

Because when it comes to overcoming overeating, it’s not about the food.  

The granola didn’t change. It was ME who changed.  

It wasn’t that I had the perfect healthy food swap or that I learned how to finally succumb to portion control.  

It’s that I’ve done the deeper work. It’s that I’ve filled the hole that would ache and I would so desperately try to fill with food.  

The bottom line is the problem with overeating is on the inside.  

And by focusing and obsessing about food… it only perpetuates the problem.  

I know how committed you are to overcoming overeating and finally taking your power back from food. 

That’s why I feel called to share a special resource, a tool, that will support you in starting to turn this fight with food more into the joy of eating.  

This 20-minute training is a part of the transformational Drop 10 Pounds Toolbox, a set of trainings that are currently only available to my current private clients.  

But today this is my gift to you! Because it was a first step for me, a true catalyst in healing my relationship with food.  

Click here to listen.

Practice what you receive. 

And let me know how it goes!  

Just remember, it’s not about the food. It’s about healing what’s on the inside that will really set you free.

Loving you always,  

PS. I’ll be eager to hear how this goes for you! So don’t mind me if I personally check in with you in the future. That’s just who I am and how I roll. 🙂 XOXO.


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