Happy Anniversary!

There is no easy or eloquent way to say this…

I was in an abusive relationship.  

It was 8 years ago, when it finally turned physical.  


I had no idea how to even begin processing what happened or how I was feeling.  

So I ate.  

I ate to think.  
I ate to comfort myself.  
I ate to escape.  

Food was always there for me.  

And in just under a year, I had gained over 30 pounds.  

So I did what anyone would do when they gain weight…I tried to eat healthy and exercise.  

Despite my best efforts, this caused me to gain even more weight.  

The shame of my physical weight combined with the unprocessed shame of my past… it all made me want to crawl out of my skin.  

Now, as I come upon the 8th anniversary of one of the most painful points in my life, I actually have a peaceful sense of gratitude about it.  

The gift of this was the process I created to heal myself and end my emotional eating, which I now teach my clients. It’s called Digesting Emotions™.  

What I, like so many of my clients, needed was a way to process AND RELEASE these thoughts, feelings and emotions.  

So food could return to being nourishing fuel and I could be f.r.e.e. 

From putting the powerful process of Digesting Emotions™ in place in my own life, I’ve lost all the weight I gained from my emotional eating and then some. 

And the best part is, whenever life hands me a sh*t sandwich, I’m able to bounce back in a matter of seconds… Rather than spiraling for days, weeks or months stuck in psychological sewage. 

I share this with you, because it’s not enough to just feel your feelings. There needs to be a way to release them.  

So if you use food to fill a hole in your heart from a painful past experience…like a difficult divorce, a loss of a loved one or you too were a victim of domestic violence like me…I have a powerful resource, a tool, that I’d like to share with you.

Click here to take the first step to starting the process of digesting your emotions.

This 20-minute training is a part of the transformational Drop 10 Pounds Toolbox, a set of trainings that are currently only available to my current private clients. 

But today this is my gift to you!  

In the past, you may have ignored or pushed away the painful thoughts, feelings and memories. But this only creates emotional constipation. And then this stuck energy gets embedded into your flesh.  

There is a better way. A healthier way.  

Let’s start with this first baby step and then we’ll go from there.  

Loving you thru thick and thin,  

PS. Just remember, it’s not about the food. It’s about healing what’s on the inside that will really set you free.   


Hello! We’re so happy you are here!

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Sending you lots of love,
Jessica & Team Laugh Yourself Skinny®

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