I’m not afraid to look within

Before working with Jessica, I looked for things externally to avoid dealing with what was really going on inside of me – food, smoking, drugs, drinking, klonopin. There was so much going on inside of me after the loss of my cousin, I had gained 50 pounds in 2 years. I was beginning to feel like I would have to live with this of the rest of my life.

Now because of my work with Jessica, my life looks completely different. I am no longer poisoning my body with food, drugs or any of the other methods of avoidance I used to use. I’ve lost the weight and built a consistent practice of taking care of myself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have learned tools to manage my emotions and I’m not afraid to look within. I have more direction and focus in my life because of this and I’m excited for what’s next.

James Hart ♥ Los Angeles, CA
Escape+ Program Client