I no longer use food to numb or self-sabotage

When I first started my Escape From Emotional Eating journey, I would sneak through the fast food drive thru, scarf down a meal, then hide the evidence hoping no one will discover my shameful secret addiction. I would always tell myself, “just this one, I’ll do better next time” but never did. Gaining 20 pounds in 6 months really scared me. I felt out of control with food and wanted to take back my control, my health and my life.

Now, I feel free. I no longer use food to numb or self-sabotage. I know how to manage my energy and FEEL my feelings. Even though I lost 40 pounds (which was way beyond what I expected), I no longer obsessively monitor my weight.  My blood pressure has come down into the healthy, normal range.  I prioritize rest and no longer push myself to the point of total exhaustion. This work has not only transformed my relationship with myself, but also with my mother, ex-husband, my husband, my children and the Divine.

Recently my yoga teacher said to me, “You look really great. And not just that you’ve lost weight but you have a more calm, positive, happier energy around you.”

Thank you Jessica for helping me get there!

Christine Coffee ♥ Pittsburgh, PA
Escape Program Client