The Midlife Makeover Show with Wendy Valentine: Episode 068: 8 Steps to Escape From Emotional Eating with Jessica Procini

The Midlife Makeover Show with Wendy Valentine | Jessica ProciniAre you using food to cope? Is your relationship with food holding you back? Discover the root cause of your emotional eating and change your life!

Check out the replay of The Midlife Makeover Show LIVE on Instagram with Wendy Valentine and special guest, Jessica Procini, a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Jessica is on a mission to help high-achieving women heal the roots of their emotional eating.

You will learn why emotional eating:
increases stress and anxiety – even if it feels good in the moment
is often a dirty secret for many high-achieving women
holds us back from reaching our full potential in life
interferes with being able to fully access our intuition and creativity.

Listen to the full episode here.