The ESCAPE: retreat for emotional eating


Just wanted to take a moment and say hello as I’m preparing to lead one of my ESCAPE retreats next week! This will be my 9th one – woah! 

I got clear very early on that what emotional eaters need to heal the roots of their emotional eating is an immersive, nourishing, get-it-in-your-cells experience. It’s the best way to transform! 

My ESCAPEs are unlike any other health retreat you’ve attended before. We do the deep inner work to root out compulsive behaviors with food and lay in new habits and neuropathways so your peace with food continues (and is so much easier) when you go home. 

Plus, The ESCAPE gives you the opportunity to fast from the chaos of your busy, stressful life. To press pause on your worries, thoughts and concerns. To have a quiet place to lie down and indulge in the sacred. And to break self-destructive patterns and habits.

Everyone who comes to the ESCAPE leaves deeply changed. 

If you’ve ever thought about joining us, apply now. 

Let’s explore if one of the upcoming ESCAPEs is a right next step for you! 

Please know that my retreats are not stand alone experiences. Instead they are a part of the various levels of support and accountability I offer in my transformational programs because we need more than just 3 days together to heal your relationship with food. Happy to share all that info with you when we connect to explore this possibility! 

Apply now.

Looking forward to connecting with you when I get back from the ESCAPE! 

With love,

PS. This ESCAPE we’ll be specifically looking at transforming the energy state of hyper-vigilance and healing the ways you use food for soothing and safety. Join us next time – Apply now! 

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