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This was so hard to swallow

The first time I discovered I was an emotional eater, it was very hard to swallow. I thought you had to eat 10 bags of potato chips to be an emotional eater. Or finish a whole box of donuts.

My behavior with food didn’t show up in quite those extremes.

Except for that one time…I did eat a whole box of chocolate chip cookies.

Without the insight that I was emotionally eating, I was kept in the dark, and stayed stuck trying diet after diet and failing at each one. Miserably.  

It’s what kept me locked in the illusion that burning 1400 calories a day was the way to freedom.

Most of all, NOT knowing I was an emotional eater wasted a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.

Because my real problem with food was that I overate.

I ate when I was stressed, anxious, scared, overstimulated, angry, upset or just plain bored.

I was NOT using food to fuel my body. I was using it to a way to cope with my anxiety, numb my nerves and escape my busy, stressful, overwhelming life.

Which is exactly what emotional eating is! It’s using food for a purpose other than fuel.

It wasn’t until I started to approach my relationship with food with the understanding that I was emotionally eating (even if I hadn’t eaten 10 bags of potato chips), that I saw a radical shift in my body and my mind.

I lost 45 pounds working out less than I ever had before.

I could keep food in my house without overdoing it.

And the burden on my mind from constantly thinking about food were lifted.

That’s why I’m so passionate about educating people about what emotional eating really is, so you can finally have peace with food. Because as emotional eaters, we need a different approach.

One that’s much deeper than the surface approaches you’ve tried in the past.
Now it’s your turn.

Are you an emotional eater?

If you’re unclear, I invite you to watch this short video and take this quiz to discover more deeply what’s going on in your relationship with food. Click here to watch now:

And if you’re short on time, skip right to the quiz at 3:50 in.

Don’t put this off.

It’s that important.

Sending you love,

PS. Already sense you’re an emotional eater? I recommend that you watch this video and take the quiz too because there may be something in there that makes all the difference for you. Click here now:

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