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Peace of cake

Hi; Tuesday is my birthday which jogs my memory that my favorite thing about this day, back when I was an emotional eater used to be: CAKE.

I would get so excited just thinking of all the cake I would eat with my family, and the frosty cupcakes my coworkers would surprise me with, and all the delicious sweets I’d receive from friends.

When I was finally ready to break outta food jail and heal my overeating, I had a real fear that I would have to give up my favorite foods!

It wasn’t until I dedicated myself to healing my compulsive habitual behavior with food that I developed a way we can have our cake and eat it too (without feeling crazy and standing in the kitchen while no one’s looking).

It’s a unique approach.

It’s not the 80/20 rule.
It’s not using special occasions to justify food, by saying “it’s my birthday, so let me eat whatever I want”.
It’s a different approach that comes from clearing out all the internal compulsive energy that has become associated with food. And putting food back as fuel.

It’s everything I now teach in our Escape From Emotional Eating programs.

I know for myself, and my clients, that we don’t want to live a life where we have to hide from food. That feels harder and scarier than the food hell we all were in.

That’s why at every one of our ESCAPE retreats we have dessert with lunch, because you have to learn a different way to interact with food. And on the ESCAPE, we practice it together.

I’ve done this with hundreds of women and those who swore to me that they’d always need to lock up the sweets, suddenly were able to eat one of something.

No more crazy.
No more compulsion.

Simply inner peace with food.

Because isn’t that the way life (and cake) should be?

Sending you love (and PEACE),

PS. Curious if our 3-day transformational retreats called THE ESCAPE are the path to finally end your fight with food? Then let’s connect and explore more! We have just a few spots left for our next ESCAPE (May 21-23) so click here and submit your app now!

PPS. I’ll be taking a few days off to celebrate my birthday (it’s my fav way to celebrate now – much better than any cake) so I’ll review your application as soon as I get back and then we’ll schedule a time to connect further. XO
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