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for-sept-27-newsletterI’ve only shared this with the women who were on our retreat, the Laugh Yourself Skinny® Escape, and I have the sense it’s finally time to share this personal story with you too. 

Much to my surprise, wedding planning has been intensely challenging.  

If you’re a sensitive person (like me), it can be difficult to find rest and relaxation in this already overwhelming world.  

Then add planning a wedding with someone who is completely different (for example: he makes decisions based research and facts and I make decisions based on my intuition, feeling energy and what I want)…

Well, let’s just say it can make you want to torch a small village and never get out of bed again.

Instead of pleasure and excitement, I felt an ever-increasing ball of frustration, anger, resentment lodged in my chest.  

Until, I had completely lost myself. 

In the past, this is where I would have ate.  

Chocolate, ice cream, bread…anything to keep me from drowning in my own darkness.   

After all the healing, transformation and real work I’ve done around my emotional eating, there’s nothing more humbling than a crystal clear moment of being reminded: you’re still on the journey. 

The good news is all of this didn’t take me out the way it used to.  

I caught it quickly and instead of eating my frustrations, I put the tools I teach and the process of Digesting Your Emotions™ into fierce action. 

Difficult experiences and dark emotions are not meant to linger. They are meant to be our teacher and then leave us wiser, smarter and more powerful than before.
Because of this, I was able to quickly re-connect with my True Self again: my intuition, my higher power and my truth. 

And most of all, I was able to return to love

From this place, wedding planning with Zach has become fun, exciting and an adventure. 

And the best part is, from digesting my emotions I’ve been able to communicate all of my thoughts, feelings and desires with Zach from a place of love, grace and peaceful power. 

So, the questions I have for you are: How are you digesting your emotions?  

Do you spend hours on social media scrolling numbingly thru post after post? 

Do you pour yourself a big glass of wine to escape?  

Do you plough thru a carton of ice cream to distract and procrastinate from really facing your true feelings?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I sense a seat on the Laugh Yourself Skinny® Escape is meant for you. There are just a few spots left. Doors will open soon. Stay tuned…

Loving you,  

PS. Shortly after digesting my emotions, we set the date for our wedding to be in the beginning of December in 2017 at a very small island in the Bahamas…where the sand is pink, of course! 🙂


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