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Our conversation

I answered a controversial question from one of my private 1-on-1 clients, and I thought you’d benefit from hearing our conversation…

She Asked: 
I really want to lose some weight. At the same time, I feel wrong for having that desire and I really want to keep the momentum going with the internal work we’ve been doing. I feel like I’m giving the scale so much power but I want to honor my desire of losing weight. What do I do with this ambivalence? 

What I Said To Her:  
Both of your desires to lose weight and continuing to love your body and do the deeper healing work are right.  

You’re not wrong for having the desire to lose weight because it’s clear that this excess weight you carry is a burden and not in alignment with who you want to be and your highest self.

But solely focusing on the weight would be only looking at the surface. Excess weight is only a symptom to the problem that you are living out of alignment.  

In the end, losing weight is not the end goal. 

Coming into full alignment with yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is.  

Where we got to work:  
We pin pointed a number of her daily actions that were out of alignment with her desire to stop eating foods that make her sick (like having 3 glasses of wine and a big bowl of cheesy nachos for dinner). 

I checked in with her just 2 weeks after our conversation and she reported that she was feeling much better about herself and she had already lost a few pounds. 

I share this with you, because I see how a lot of women who are completely disconnected from the physical repercussions of their actions and often say “just this once won’t really hurt me” as they reach for foods that make them sick, sluggish and burdened. 

And then they wonder why they haven’t lost weight yet.  

What makes the work that I do different from a lot of other overeating and weight loss support, is that instead of sacrifice, restriction and harnessing willpower, we focus on what is in alignment with your desires and creating daily habits, practices, thoughts and beliefs around that.  

My clients continue to tell me that doing things that way takes a tremendous amount of stress and pressure off. And from my expertise and experience, it a much more loving approach and allows your success to become inevitable. 

Right now, my private 1-on-1 programs are full. But in just a few weeks I’ll be opening up spots for our transformational retreat, the Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape™. 

Stay tuned…

Loving you,  


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