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Exciting upcoming events! You’re invited! 

hi! Just making sure you’re up to date on all the exciting events and in-person opportunities there are for you to receive support in healing your emotional eating! I invite you to join me at one (or more!) of these special opportunities, so reserve your spot now! Healing Your Relationship With Food Workshop  Saturday, April…

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What you, me and this monk have in common

Hi: You aren’t going to believe this! I recently spent a week studying with a Zen Buddhist monk and I was shocked to discover how much we have in common. She told me about her experience the night of the 2016 presidential election, how she went to a gathering of friends outside of her Zen…

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I'm coming out

It’s scary, to let everyone see the real you. But, hiding sucks and takes way more energy. So, I’m coming out. Yep. That was the courageous decision I had to make when I so desperately desired to escape from emotional eating. Up until that point, I was reeeeeally good at hiding it. I kept it…

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