What you, me and this monk have in common

Hi: You aren’t going to believe this!

I recently spent a week studying with a Zen Buddhist monk and I was shocked to discover how much we have in common.

She told me about her experience the night of the 2016 presidential election, how she went to a gathering of friends outside of her Zen center. As a Buddhist monk, she keeps a very clean vegan diet.

She shared, “As I watched the election results roll in, completely horrified by what I was witnessing, I lost myself and dove into a plate of ribs and even had a few beers!”

This was when I fell off my chair in shock.

I could totally relate to what she was talking about, how she was so overwhelmed with her emotions, anxiety and fear that she lost herself with food!

This is exactly why I created the process that I now teach my clients called Digesting EmotionsTM because I needed a way to be able to manage, process and move through my emotions instead of putting food on top of them.

Implementing this simple, yet profound system, I no longer need to eat my feelings or numb out. I’ve slimmed down to my weight that is right and healthy for me and lost over 30lbs in the process.

So, if you too put food on top of your stress, overwhelm and fear and want to discover a healthier, more efficient way to manage your emotions so food can return to being fuel for you, I personally invite you to an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session.
Submit your application here!  

I’ll hold safe, sacred space for you to share your challenges with emotional eating. I’ll listen intimately and help you connect the dots to figure out why you aren’t free from this chaos with food just yet. We’ll also have the opportunity to explore whether the deep transformational work I do is the best next step for you.

This is complimentary, my gift to you.

Submit your application now and a member of my client care team will be in touch to schedule our powerful, transformational and supportive time together.

With all my heart,

PS. If you eat to numb your nerves and want a better way to manage your anxiety, let’s schedule a discovery conversation. Submit your application right here right now and let’s escape your emotional eating together. XO

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