9 Ways To Eat Out Without Overeating

Do you love to go out to eat?  

You do? ME TOO! 

It’s one of my favorite things to do. But when I was fighting food going out to eat was torture and was always where I’d sabotage myself the most…

I’d restrict during the day as a way to save up for a great dinner.  

And I would always overeat…starving by the time the food came…there was so much going on… Oh, the food was soooo good…

Well you get the point.  

I had this sense that you love to go out to eat too, so I wanted to share some tips that can help make your dining out a little more guilt free! 

Get them here!

*Pay particular attention to tips 6 & 7 here, especially if you feel compelled to overeat like I did. 

In addition to these 7 awesome tips, I’ll add tips 8 & 9.  

8. SLOW DOWN and be mindful with your meal. 

When you eat out it’s easy to get disconnected from the actual reason you are out – to nourish your body – ambiance, company and conversation can easily cause you to overeat if you become overstimulated by them. 

When I feel myself getting distracted, I put my eyes on my food and say to myself in my head, "I am eating. Be here now." I repeat it over and over again until I come back to the present moment. Best part is, no one knows I’m doing it.  

9. Nourishing your body is supposed to be a pleasurable experience! 

But be sure to keep your priorities straight! Nourish your body with healthy, high vibrational food FIRST. Then, take your pleasure from the company, experience and each delicious bite SECOND.  

If you already knew to do these tips, but still aren’t doing them…I highly recommend we connect here.

Now you might be thinking…"doesn’t everyone overeat?"

Healthy eating is an act of self-love and unhealthy eating is an act of self-abuse. And there is a limit to which you can treat your body with disrespect.  

This is one limit I don’t recommend pushing.  

*|FNAME|*, I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve overcome overeating.

Take my hand.

I can help you.  

Loving you,  

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