In the Philly area? This is just for you!

There is something SUPER important and VERY special that I want to share with you before I go completely offline next week for our annual summer camping trip in Canada with Zach, CJ and friends!

If you haven’t already, get your ticket right now to our next Put The Cookie Down workshop. 

Saturday, September 10 at 2pm  
Amrita Yoga & Wellness  
1204 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125 

Tickets are still a steal at early bird pricing which ends THIS SUNDAY. Grab your ticket right now!

I’m so passionate and so excited about this one because it’s in my hometown, right in my own neighborhood.  

Amrita is the wellness studio I go to and I’ve shed many tears and received so many inspired ideas during my practice in this sacred space.  

I have such a strong sense that this workshop will be very powerful in the best of ways.  

Don’t put this off and get swept up in Labor Day festivities or the busyness of back to school.  

This is the perfect time to re-new your commitment to putting yourself higher on your priority list and receive the power of being in person as I inspire, motivate and teach you how to find REAL rest and relaxation in this overwhelming world.  

Cookies are not a real nourishing way to relax 😉 

Grab your ticket and come.  

I’d be honored to share this sacred space, my life’s work and support you in putting the cookie down.   

See you when I get back! 

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