No! No! What’s really stopping you?

I have a very important question to ask you:  Why haven’t you been able to overcome your overeating yet?  

Take a moment and really think about that…what’s stopping you?  

Do you say to yourself, "With the stress of everything (work, kids, LIFE…) I’ve just gotten lazy."


My sense is if you’re super busy like me, that the problem isn’t that you’re lazy

Pulling from my own journey of healing my overeating and more that 5 years of helping hundreds of women do the same, here’s what I see…

   1. You’re not lazy. You’re tired.  

Take my client Cyndi, for example… Single mom. 3 teenage kids. Before we started working together, she would reach for carbs and sugar to help her just get thru her day. It wasn’t that she was lazy. NO WAY. She was tired! 

   2. Life isn’t as simple as it used to be.  

Ferris Bueller said it best, "Life moves pretty fast". The faster and wiser you get, the more stress and anxiety can feel insurmountable.   

And to be honest, the ways and tools you currently have to deal with stress and anxiety take way too much time and energy. So instead, you eat.  

So what’s an intelligent and powerful woman like yourself to do who wants her life, her health and her happiness to get better and better?  

   3. It’s time to do things differently.  

Taking a few deep breaths and drinking a glass of water when you crave cookies is NOT the way you overcome stress eating.  

The root of the problem isn’t that you crave cookies. The problem is that your stress and anxiety is so overwhelming in an already overwhelming world that you just want to escape! 

Why does it feel like I’m reading your mind right now?  

Because this was my life! Constantly running around like an overly caffeinated chicken with my head cut off…operating from "I’m so busy" and "I don’t have time". 

That’s when I realized life isn’t going to get easier. I have to get better at managing it.  

Which is at the core of everything I teach, and has led me to develop the powerful process that I now teach my clients called Digesting Emotions™. 

My clients tell me all the time how this simple, yet profound process allows them to have a quicker rebound rate from stress and anxiety. And how they can keep food in the house without overdoing it!  

And I’d love to share this process with you too! 

If your stress and anxiety is suffocating you in this overwhelming world…and even the possibility of looking at it makes you want to eat cookies, chips or chocolate…My high recommendation is to fill out this application right now.

I want to connect with you.  

You don’t have to do this alone.  

This complimentary, powerful private call together has 3 primary intentions:

  1. To listen deeply and intimately to your challenges with food, stress and anxiety 
  2. Bring clarity to and identify what’s standing in your way   
  3. Connect the dots and identify your best next steps together 

Plus, throughout this process we’ll also discover if the deep transformational work that I do is the right next step for you.  

I’m not attached to the outcome of our discovery process whatsoever.  

But I do want you to know there is just 1 spot left in my private practice.

Don’t wait! Submit your application right now and let’s explore if this spot is meant for you.  

All will be well as we look at this together.

Loving you (I know you can overcome this!),  

PS. I know where you are… completely overwhelmed, stressed, tired. I’ve been there. And I want you to know doesn’t have to be this way.  Take my hand and fill out this application right now. I can help you. 

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